Yishuv Ha’da’at


Yishuv Ha’da’at

March 14, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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The workweek feeds us conflicting ta’ivot (desires), emotions and thoughts. We must search for the the Shabbat within; a time to reflect on the goal and destination of life. This can only occur when we cease our mundane activities.

As we begin to nullify our pursuits to Hashem, to go on ‘strike’, a transformation will evolve. We are filled with false notions, inflated egos, and intellectual philosophies. It is time to release it all and go beyond time, change and space and direct all of our energy into a time beyond time – Shabbat Kodesh. It is time to sit and allow our thoughts to settle – yishuv ha’da’at, a settling of the mind.

Surrendering our will to Hashem and embracing His constant presence is a gift we all deserve. The Divine vitality that we so desperately seek is overflowing and need only be taken on Shabbat. Let us prepare ourselves by making room within for Hashem to enter. Cleaning out our ‘storage of thoughts’ and experiencing internal silence is the pathway to yishuv ha’da’at mindfulness, serenity of mind.

At least once a week we should settle our emotional accounts and take responsibility for our actions. Stop the motions and contemplate the meaning. Settle ‘old accounts,’ clear the air within and with others as this invites the Shechinah to reside within us.

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