Wouldn’t You Want to Know?


Wouldn’t You Want to Know?

May 27, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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If a child misbehaves and our friend witnesses it, wouldn’t we like to be told by them? This offers the opportunity to inquire, understand and correct the child. However if we wish not to know our shortcomings how can we change? G-d speaks to us through the circumstances of our life; mainly through the discomforts, we experience. When we attend parent teach conference we go with the intention to learn how our children are in school, but why go if we will ignore the teacher’s comments?

We are always being prompted by G-d to examine ourselves and work on refining our character attributes and spirituality. Avoiding confrontation of our flaws or responding without proportion such as self-rejection disables the healing process. The process of turning inward to discover who we are here to become, enables us to assume responsibility over our weaknesses and transgressions. 

Feel & Heal exercise:

Think about it – why ask if you don’t want to know?  We ask G-d to help us become G-dly beings however when the answer comes, we run away from it!

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