Who’s Packing?


Who’s Packing?

February 20, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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Our reality is constantly changing and helping us to move forward. When you move house, your current home appears on the surface to be in utter chaos, confused and disorganized. However, we can view change as stressful, or we can view it as an exciting opportunity. We shouldn’t fall apart because of this move. Don’t worry about putting things in order or making sense out of the mess.

The apparent chaos signifies that Hashem is changing the world for the better. We can view the change as positive and exciting and adventurous. We are not stagnating but growing. We need to be ready with our packed belongings (mitzvot). In this world we pack – we do. Only in the next world we sit – we have.


Feel and heal exercise of the day:

We are constantly moving house, from one household and state of living to another. Think about the ‘in between times’ and what a mess things are until they settle into their firm place. So too it is in our lives – moving, changing and reframing… always on the move to redemption!

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