Which way>


Which way>

March 26, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Emuna empowers us to hope and trust in G-d when beset with misfortune. Though we may lack understanding of why we suffer, pain is not ‘senseless’.  Emuna enables us to accept the pain and know intrinsically that somehow, in some way our pain is necessary for our spiritual repair and growth. This awareness and inner faith should help steer us away from assessing our difficulties and judging whether they are good or bad.

One reason why difficulties arise is to remind us of G-d’s presence and motivate us to change our ways. We should think of them as signposts instructing us towards detours. Emuna is a superrational soul power, an inner knowingness that nothing is random; everything is precisely calculated and designed just for me!

Feel and heal exercise:

Next time you meet a challenge think to yourself, “which direction am I being summoned to turn to?”

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