Where is your ‘vav’?


Where is your ‘vav’?

May 21, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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It is not enough to wish for peace; we need to become proactive and tirelessly pursue harmony. When comparing the two words Shalom (peace) and Shalem (complete and whole) we find little difference between the two; one letter, the letter vav shaped like a hook. This letter expresses connection; to be complete and whole we need to be at peace.

Shalom embraces G-d’s vision of the world – prosperity, peace and wholeness. We need to restore peace in all relationships, mainly within ourselves – this was the original design and this is where we are destined to return.  Once we reconcile the inner struggles and come to peace within ourselves we can return to a harmonious close relationship with others and G-d.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Ask yourself “What role does the letter vav play in my life? Whom do I connect to? What person can I actively pursue peace with?”

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