When in doubt…


When in doubt…

March 25, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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The Chofetz Chaim ztk’l teaches that we are brought down into this world for the sole purpose of rectifying the world through recognition and acceptance of G-d as the Creator. It is called a clarity of ’Oneness.’

Emuna is a soul power that strengthens us during rough times as it reminds us that everything that happens for a reason and for our ultimate best. We are instructed to serve G-d out of emuna and trust; a clear knowledge that we are never alone, constantly guided and safely cared for no matter what.

Doubt interrupts emuna growth and causes a person to question whether G-d can help a person reach a more wholesome place. It may even bring up the idea that one doesn’t ‘deserve better. However in both mentioned cases, doubt proves to be no less than a mind trick and test for our emuna.

Feel and heal exercise:

Free yourself from doubt and repeat the following “G-d loves me, I just know it. His eyes never leave me”

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