What is your wish?


What is your wish?

April 9, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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You may ask, ‘What does freedom feel like?’ Freedom is a sense of empowerment; living with the mindset that the Master of Creation set no limits on who we can be, how much we can achieve and how G-dly we can become.

Upon witnessing the wondrous miracles of the exodus we were given emuna; a clear awareness that existence is filled with G-dliness and purpose and we are one with this Oneness. Our lives are continuously infused with Divine assistance that cares and guides us every step of the way of becoming the best that we can be! That is true freedom.

Feel and heal exercise:

Close your eyes and envision something you wish for yourself to become or do. You are free to visualize, dream and pray for that reality and G-d is right there now and always listening attentively to you!

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