Touching Your Soul


Touching Your Soul

January 31, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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The first step in working towards ‘feeling’ our emuna is recognizing that it requires work.  We need to continuously fight to hold emuna in our hearts. The Torah instructs that emuna is already present in our hearts as written in Sefer Shemot, “v’Aseetem  Li Mikdash v’Shachanti be’tocham (And they shall make for me a sanctuary and I will dwell amongst them).” However we need to focus on living a life of holiness in order to sense Hashem’s presence.

From here we understand that Hashem can be felt within when we increase our kedusha.  This stage in emuna development requires deep introspection and accountability; here we must be truthful with ourselves. Do we genuinely pursue spirituality in life or do we make significant concessions? Ask yourself, “How important is Torah living to me?” and “Am I willing to surrender to my Rav (after properly ensuring that he is righteous and G-d fearing) and Torah scholar’s guidance?”

When we empty our hearts from egocentric desires, arrogance and untrue feelings that Hashem doesn’t care for us, we will begin to sense His ongoing existence; we begin to touch our G-dly spark a.k.a. our neshama. Here lies the key to heartfelt emuna; penetrate the body’s exterior and delve into the soul.

One simple and practical way is to talk to your soul; feed her the nourishment she craves by talking to her in a language she can understand. The following is an example of the way to talk to your soul, “Hashem, Ribbono Shel Olam, You are My Aba.   I love You and I know You love me.  But I am lost; I can’t live without You anymore. Please help me… “

Another simple piece of advice to touch our soul is to adapt or expand an attitude of gratitude.  See Hashem in everything from the trees to your working car; from your children to your ability to walk. Life is a gift, one we didn’t earn by performing any special deed. We are in debt to our Creator from the first breath we inhale.

Let’s expand our horizons and the way we see life; it’s time to develop emuna vision. Remember that Hashem is looking out for our ultimate good.  Just as money put into savings requires us to limit current spending habits for future benefit, so too does Hashem control and guide our current life’s path for our eternal benefit. Appreciate the personal attentive care Hashem invests in each of us.

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