Today’s Gog U’Magog


Today’s Gog U’Magog

December 17, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai ztk’l teaches, “It is more difficult to contend with the bad culture (influence) inside one’s home than the war of Gog u’Magog.” The Chofetz Chaim ztk’l explains the comparison of the two – we will be fighting for our emuna at the end of days within and outside our homes.

Our battleground has moved into our homes in addition to the enemies outside.  We combat the outer influences that permeate our homes and seep into our walls; it has swept so many of our children away, r’l.  On one hand we must hold Hashem’s honor above it all, yet what to do with my child… my spouse? We are confronting a war with our own families.

Feel and heal exercise of the day:

Think to yourself -> where in your family life is there a situation that assumes the description of a ‘Gog u’Magog’.  Relate to it through the knowledge that it is part of the geulah process – a refining of who we are and an opportunity to win over your own inner enemies.

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