The Power of Clarity – Part I


The Power of Clarity – Part I

June 12, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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How joyful we should feel when contemplating that Hashem chose us of all nations; the inherent value we hold is greater than we can imagine. At moments of darkness and difficulty, we may not come to appreciate what this means however Hashem called His Torah a valued treasure since it offers us a remarkable opportunity to connect to Him.

Da’at is mental and emotional clarity, which generally develops with maturity. Thus, the pain sets in before we develop the necessary tools to maturely and rationally process and deal with the hardship.

Children are often not able to absorb and process their pain as easily as mature adults. Most young children (and adults who have not achieved da’at) do not know how to react to such pain and may either repress their feelings or inappropriately lash out.

Suppressed feelings may thus emerge at various points in their lives. They may become more aware of the agony inside, but not necessarily where it is coming from or why they are suffering.

During the course of our lives, we all traverse paths of darkness (where we feel alone or treated unfairly by others and Hashem, chas v’Shalom. We eventually grow stronger from those experiences. Every descent is followed by an ascent. (to be cont’d tomorrow)

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