The Power of Clarity – Part II


The Power of Clarity – Part II

June 13, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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(Cont’d from yesterday)

Painful experiences are a result of dinim (judgments). When we suffer, a few things may occur simultaneously. Firstly, our da’at (mental and emotional state) may travel further into exile. Our mind and heart may not accept the concept of ‘Gam zu l’tova (this is also for the best)’. We may be thrown into a state in which we cannot see the bigger picture or the purpose of the hardship.

As a result, we may be left feeling lost, confused and distant from Hashem. We may even sense that we are insignificant and unloved which may make us feel despairing. In this unhappy state it is difficult to give or accept love to ourselves, to others and to HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

Chazal brings an amazing insight as to how to sweeten the judgments and lessen our pain. We must go to the root of our pain and view it through our da’at. That is, we must look at the event again and rationally conclude in our minds that it is somehow and in some way for the best. Then, we must gradually allow our emotions (our heart) to digest this rationale.

In other words, we must ultimately view the event through emuna lenses. Higher consciousness helps us deal with the pain since we now associate it with a rational purpose from a more objective and expansive viewpoint. We no longer feel that we are subjects of happen chance. Through this renewed level of understanding, the dinim can slowly change from bitterness to sweetness.

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