The Everlasting Bond


The Everlasting Bond

October 9, 2016
Orit Esther Riter
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A Jewish King shares the heart and mind of the Jewish people.  In that vein as servants the Jewish people should feel connected to their king and ‘naturally’ desire to do what the king asks.   The Jewish King always has his people’s best interest in mind.

Being that Hashem is our King our minds should ‘think alike’ and our hearts should ‘feel’ the same.  This perfect alignment draws down abundant blessings onto us and the Klal.  In fact this is the concept of living with Mashiach; bringing into line our will with Hashem’s will. When the King rules His subjects must surrender to His governing. The collective soul-energy of one nation with one desire draws down immense Divine light into the world.

On Rosh Hashanah we surrender our soul to Hashem and accept Him as our King. During the ten days of teshuva we offer heartfelt prayers of regret over our sins; thereby giving our hearts to Hashem.  On Yom Kippur we surrender our body by giving up food, drink and bodily pleasure.

As a result of the avodah we did in Elul, over Rosh Hashanah and B’H will do during the ten days, we completely surrender all three levels of our soul and merit to break down all barriers that might have separated us from bonding with Hashem.

Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated L’iluy nishmat Chava bat Chana a’h. May her soul bask in the Divine radiance among all the righteous who have departed from this world, Amen.

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