Thank You’s


Thank You’s

October 13, 2013
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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I receive daily emails from you…and love to watch and learn thru your online shuirim. Thank you. Hashem please give Orit​ refuah shleimah; Shower her and her family with all their needs and wants, for good​,​and continue to give her the wisdom to touch peoples lives, for good. AMEN!
With love,

Dear Orit
Reading your daily e-mails has changed my life! An email a day helps keep the Yetzer Harah away 😉
Even though sometimes life seems difficult, I remember all the many blessings Hashem has bestowed upon me and readjust my thought patterns.
I pass on many of your inspirations to my friends and together we have elevated our lives more and more. Some of them have even signed up.
My favorite radio show is yours on Chai on a Wednesday morning.
You inspire MANY South African ladies!!!
You are amazing and I wish for you to grow from strength to strength!
Love and light
Natasha (SA)

Dear Orit,
Hope that all is well. My name is Marni Darby from the Aish Chizzuk Mission. We met at the Kotel, actually we connected at the Kotel. Today I gave the D’var Torah for our staff meeting at the JCC. No matter what the parsha was it was clear to me that I had to share my story with the Kleenex lady in the furry black coat at the Kotel. I focused on building the Tabernacle and how Moses spoke to the entire congregation. While we always need the right people in the right jobs, it takes everyone to contribute their potential to capture the spirit and intention of all so that the entire people are represented. We all have a role and something significant to share. I then told the story of the my Kleenex lady with the furry black coat at the Kotel.
What was most amazing to me about our encounter was that it was the last day of an incredible jam-packed week. I heard brilliant speakers night and day with no down time. Getting a real break was so inviting. Shopping with my friends and visiting an artist at her home was what I was planning to do. Instead I headed to the Kotel. I flipped through my siddur planning the prayers I needed to recite and washed my hands before I went down. Amazing that I found the perfect spot, smack in the middle of the wall. I got through my sequence of prayers, closed my book and said, “this is prime time, don’t waste it.” It was then that I put my head to the wall and started talking – my dreams, my fears, my hopes, my struggles. I don’t remember ever being able to speak with such clarity. My Kleenex lady with the furry black coat was there with me…and Hashem made sure I would be able to keep the dialogue going.
It was an amazing moment for me. I am so grateful that Hashem made sure I was not experiencing it alone…
Much love,

Dear Reb Riter,
Your Torahanytime shiurim are extremely inspiring! You have absolutely no idea how much they help me cope in life. Perfect medicine for me.
Tzki lmitzvos and you and your family be zoche to all brochos.

Dear Rebbetzin Riter,
Your words and demeanor are so inspirational and uplifting! I love the way you’re so enthusiastic about Yiddishkeit!
Thank you very much,
May Rebbi Nachman’s zechut light up your ways and days,
Sara Y Landesman- Bet Shemesh

Truly shifts my day everyday. Receiving your magic words of wisdom to increase and open my eyes helps me have a better relationship with HASHEM!

I am thrilled with your shiurim. I am an avid shiur listener…found you on Torah anytime. Right from your first shiur on line. Thank you so much for being so human, and empathetic. I live in Lakewood….have been to Ramat Beir Shemesh 4 times in the last 2 years… I wish I could have met you in person…gone to a shiur.
Very Fondly Oreah

Hi my name is Ella. I want to leave a reply on what I think of the daily dose of emuna. I look forward to it every morning! I love it!!!!! I am really trying to work on having more faith and trust in HaShem and these emails give me an amazing boost!!! So thank u so much!
Tizku limitzvot.

Hodesh Tov, Orit
Your articles and shiurim always seem to hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thank you!
In the “Shalom in and Without – Part 1” shiur, you mentioned at one point that we don’t see what’s really there. I had to smile because your words reminded me of a Talmudic Proverb that I’ve got taped to my computer monitor. It says: We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.
Yeshar Koach, and keep up the important work.

…I listen to your shiur (actually by now I heard 3 of them) and I decided to write to you to tell you that you truly have a gift and you are great at what you are doing, your delivery is amazing and as you and I both know Emuna is very much needed, I love your line “Ain od milvado” /Yesh od milvado” , you are very very good at what you are doing and Hashem should continue to give you all the keilims you need to fulfill your mission in life.
Kol A kavod and Tizkut Lmitzvos
Michal from RBS

Dear Orit,
I read your words every day I receive them. Some have made me wonder, some have opened my eyes, some have brought me to tears…. My respect and affection to you, Karlyn

Dear Orit, If I lived in the RBS area I would be there every Tuesday!! Your recorded shiurim are a ma z i n g!! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to record them and send them to the group! One of these Tuesdays I am, bli neder, going to come through to RBS from Kfar Haroeh in order to have the privilege of hearing and seeing you in person! With love and many thanks too for your incredible “Daily Dose of Emuna” Gail Perez

Dear Orit Esther, Thank you for the time and effort to write these daily doses of Emuna. I appreciate learning and reviewing the words of Chazal that you quote and in the manner that you do. I read your article in the Mishpacha and bentch YOU with a refuah Shleyma min Hashamayim immediately. In the past week three people have recommended your site to me – the word of Daily Doses of Emuna is spreading! Have a Good Shabbos Myriam

Dear Orit, I have been a subscriber to the daily dose for the last several weeks. I recently came across your website and immediately signed up for the daily email. I look forward to reading it every morning as soon as I wake! Thank you for giving of yourself and your time, your words are a source of strength & inspiration for me. I have also listened to several of your lectures that were posted on YouTube. Thank you so much for making your lectures so readily available!! Hatzlocha and Mazal in all that you do, Ruchi Woodmere, NY

To My Sweet Sister Orit, I am on your list to get the daily dose, and I must tell you how much they do for me. Please take care of yourself first and foremost. You are in our tefillos and in our hearts. You are an inspiration to us all and we all receive your love. Kol Tov to you and your family, Heidi Schwartz

Wow! Orit! I just finished davening this morning than sat down to read the daily dose…. today’s daily dose was a most beautiful and gentile reminder for my Shabbat…..Thank you, Naomi (South Africa)

Hi Orit, I just want to make a comment about the service your are doing in terms of giving over the inspiring words that you do. I listened to the Elul shiur on doing Teshuva on youtube where you discuss saying even one Perek of tehillim clearly a day counts. I can’t tell you how inspiring and valuable that shiur was for me. I often get emails from other sources about the importance of teshuva during this month, endless shiurim that discuss the need for us to do teshuva, for me this often went over my head and my own nonsense and negative thought came in the way. Not only that, I was never really sure what was expected of me, simply put I often came away from these shiurs not knowing what to do and often feeling more insecure than I did. Your shiur changed that for me. I cant stress how valuable it was for you to give clear, simple instruction on what we could do, most often shiurs don’t talk to the people who are lost and don’t really know what change to make, sometimes the changes are too big or one simply doesn’t have the energy. Thank you for helping change that. I have sometimes said Tehillim and rushed through to get as many perakim in, but after listening to your shiur, I am now trying to say one a day, enunciating each word and meditating on each word as it should be, in that way, I can get my simple self to do a simple step towards teshuva this Elul. Sometimes shiurim often leave out simple, clear, day to day instructions that people can do to make change, so your doing that means so much and I cant stress how helpful it is. I want to wish you a shana tova, koach to continue to give to us, and all good things for the coming year and beyond. I would also like to help with your book and find out about sponsorship.

Dear Orit Esther Riter, My dear friend gave me your site and I am so glad. I really needed this right now! I am recovering from breast cancer. Your shiurim on anger and emuna is right what I need to concentrate on! I am so very grateful for your infinite wisdom thru Hashem! May you be blessed with health, parnassah, and only wonderful blessings from Hashem for you and your family!!!

BS’D Just want you to know I love to receive and read your daily emails. They are very uplifting and inspiring to me, and help increase my EMUNAH in my daily life.Thank you again!
Miriam Highland Park, NJ

Shalom I am waiting every morning to your daily dose of emunah never got it this morning thanks for your inspiring lessons i am forwarding it to my friend.

I love all of the daily doses but the Friday ones have been extra special to get us in the mood for shabbos. Thank you.
Shani Bergenfield, NJ

I just wanted to tell you that you are truly inspiring so very many people with your “daily Dose”!! I , myself really enjoy it …and so resonate with so much of what you say! I have also sent it out to several people people that I know…and you are just having a ripple affect. Anyway …you should continue to have the koach, the clarity , the time and ability… continue your work and share the beautiful, deep thoughts and concepts that you share!! With great appreciation…. Amanda Passaic, NJ

… also wanted to thank you for all the Shiurim and lessons of life you have given through the lectures. I rarely get a chance to get out in person to Shiurim, so I really appreciate the recorded Shiurim that you provide. You touch up on day to day issues and give the hizuk that helps me go through my life with a different outlook. Thank you very much.
Yesher koah
Leah Chaimov

Dear Orit, My name is Sandy Trencher I live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I started getting your daily dose of emuna about one month ago. My friend got it and sent it to me one day after having a conversation with her.I want to thank you so much. It has a calming effect on me and truly inspires me to do more mitzvos and to help others, and every morning I run so eagerly to read your daily message.May Hashem bless you and your family. What a wonderful purpose you must be fulfilling. May you continue Hashem’s work for many happy and healthy years! And I appreciate and love your daily dose, and so I wanted to thank you so very much and to let you know that a lady in West Hartford, Connecticut loves you and appreciates you. I look forward to be able to hear any shiurim that you give.
Kol Tuv
Sandy Trencher

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