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It’s time to leave

April 8, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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We are instructed to remember our exodus from Egypt since we are constantly in the process of ‘leaving’ Egypt. The universal message embedded in the holiday of Pesach is that we are always leaving Egypt; fighting off oppressive external forces and seeking inner freedom.

The Jewish people must live life knowing that they are not to be afraid or disturbed by life’s challenges and events; deep within they are to remember that G-d is helping to free them from their emotional instability but reminding them that He is personally involved in their lives.

Feel and heal exercise:

Being that Egypt is a state of mind we must be on alert of the signs that drag us back into slavery, ie. feeling stuck and locked down in negativity. Everyday we must remember to remove ourselves from this state of mind and see ourselves as being free to chose to think differently.

A tefillah before Pesach cleaning and preparations

March 26, 2014
Orit Esther Riter
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I am prepared to perform the mitzvah of cleaning for Pesach; internally and externally, to clean away my fears, anger, sadness, worry, transgressions and faults.  May it be Your will that all of my work should find favor in Your eyes and give nachat ruach to Hashem Yitborach.

Please Hashem help me serve You in happiness, to burn away any distractions coming from the yetzer hara such as tension, anger, frustration and sadness that disconnect me from You. I pray and hope that through my cleaning here below of my home and possessions I shall prepare myself emotionally and spiritually for the upcoming Chag Pesach.

I therefore ask that I go about my Pesach preparations with emuna shleimah and trust that whatever I am able to do is exactly what You want me to complete  – no more and no less.  May I accept it all with love and inner calmness.   I wish to clean my outer surroundings as well as my inner core of all chometz; from arrogance, anger and false sense of control.  May I rectify all of the negativity that surfaces throughout my preparations and arrive to a place of wholeness.

May I live by the passuk, “Shiviti Hashem l’negdi tamid (Seeing Hashem in front of me always)” and know that everything that I see is from YOU and none other.  I want to fulfill only Your will Hashem and react out of emuna shleimah and simcha only.  I pray to identify with my inner core of greatness, my G-dly spark, that is where my infinite power lies, my point of connection to You.  I can overcome all negative inclinations by remembering that Your love for me is eternal and You desire only my ultimate best.

Help me identify with my infinite value no matter how much I am able to do and complete.  Help me recognize that true value comes from attaching myself to You through every circumstance and challenge.  I want to always attach myself to happiness, patience, unconditional love, a positive mindset and thinking, and emuna shleimah

The purpose of these days of preparation and the entire Chag Pesach is to free myself from the bondage of the yetzer hara so that I may be free to serve You on a soul level.  An Eved Hashem is free from bodily restraints, impulses and negative middot. That is who I truly am and who I wish to uncover through my Pesach cleaning and preparations.


Its never too late to teach your kids Emuna

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