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Stand by your fellow man

June 27, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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The 17th of Tammuz is a day of great tragedy for the Jewish people. On that day, Moshe broke the Ten Commandments. Rashi explains that the tablets were made of special sapphire stones, large in size and too heavy for any human to carry, but the Divine light that radiated from the etched Hebrew letters helped ease the burden of carryng such large stones, making them miraculously lighter. However when the letters “witnessed” the sin of the golden calf  they “flew off” the tablets returning them to their original weight ultimately causing Moshe to drop them.

Another explanation may be that Moshe broke them in order to discourage G-d from implementing His plan to annihilate the Jewish people for their sin and encourage Moshe to lead a new chosen nation. By breaking the tablets, Moshe was saying to G-d that he was a sinner along with the Jewish people and their demise was his as well.

Through this Moshe saved the Jewish nation even though their emuna was weak and their loyalty to G-d was questionable. Although Moshe had no way of knowing that G-d would later agree to provide a second set of tablets he understood his responsibility as the Jewish people’s leader; stand by your fellow man.

May we all merit to have the emuna and wisdom that Moshe showed on that day and save our nation from tragedies in this merit, Amen.

It’s Hot.. It’s Tammuz

June 25, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Tammuz is the fourth of the summer months that begins with Nissan; the hottest month of the year.

The material world has its spiritual origin in the supreme worlds, hence the intense heat of the month of Tammuz is indicative of a spiritual state as well. It is written in Tehillim “For Hashem is a sun and a shield.” The name “L-rd” (Y-K-V-H symbolic to Hashem’s revealed compassion) is parallel to the sun and the name “G-d” (E-L-O-K-I-M symbolic for Hashem’s intervention through nature), is parallel to the shield – the closure of the sun, which protects us from its great heat.

The great heat of Tammuz derives from the strong illumination of Divine Presence in creation, expressed in the name “L-rd” (Y-K-V-H). Hashem shines His love more in this month than other months. During this month we should actually begin to appreciate the reason why Hashem filterizes His intense light and love so that we do not become ‘overheated’ by it.

The sun’s warmth can be the most pleasurable experience within measure; all things in life are appreciated when given through proper filters. Hashem loves us more than we can imagine or bear to contain.  However, this warm love needs to ‘drip drop’ into our lives in a way that we can appreciate, by working towards revealing our own warmth and G-dliness; thus enabling us to merge into the Oneness of Hashem’s intense love.

All from Hashem!

July 4, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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Divine providence – Intellectually we know that Hashem creates and guides everything in life. Practically speaking it means that Hashem communicates with us through personal and worldly events; whatever we hear, see, feel or even smell is meant to teach us something. Nothing is happenstance. Absolutely nothing. Although it may appear that certain occurrences have little influence on my life, nonetheless they are closely ordained by Hashem to the last minute detail.

In fact as we take a closer look into this idea we can sense that our next breath depends entirely upon Hashem. Our existence is because He wills it so. Each of us belong in this world and play a great role in the universe; an idea that should pump us with meaning and self-worth.

Each morning we thank Hashem for re-creating us. From the moment we open our eyes we impress in our minds that life is a gift and adorned with purpose. Indeed we lived yesterday and are alive right now, but that does not mean that Hashem is obligated to continue to do so. Everything that happens is a present intended to help us grow spiritually and become more G-dly.

The concept of Divine intervention teaches us how much Hashem loves us and ‘longs’ to bond with us. He wants us to have the best life. What is the best? Hashem Himself is the best; He is the source of all goodness.

Divine Assistance

May 21, 2015
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated to the refuah shleimah of Brana bat Chana. May Hashem send her a complete healing b’riut hanefesh v’b’riut haguf among all of Klal Yisrael who are sick and suffering b’karov, b’rachamim, Amen.

What is Siyatta D’shmaya (Divine assistance)?  We hear the words so often but may not actually appreciate the gift implanted within.  An amazing advantage to receiving Divine assistance is its ability to help us make better decisions with pure clarity and reassurance. Life is adorned with confusing options and we often simply do not know where to turn.  Being gifted with Divine assistance makes one feel as though the road ahead is free of obstacles and they know exactly where to go.

Divine help is readily detected when someone appears to have ‘super-power’ strength to move forward and ignores what others may interpret as hindrances.  The reason this is so is that when a person acts out of holiness and is prepared to put in an extra dose of self-sacrifice, Hashem sees it through.  However, our emuna in Hashem that He will complete the task evokes Hashem’s intimate intervention and helps completes the task at hand.

When we hold on to the idea that we are in control; Hashem so to speak ‘let’s go’ and enables the system of nature to take over.  In other words, when we let go Hashem is let in.  When Hashem comes in, the blessings pour forth leaving us with an undeniable sense of His loving warm care.

An Apple for … Me!

December 2, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated to Shaul Yehoshua Heshel ben Leah who is in need of a liver transplant.  He is type O and in need of a live donor (donors donate a part of their liver after which their remaining liver regenerates and grows back).  Please Hashem may the right messenger come to do the tremendous chesed of giving life to Shaul Yehoshua Heshel ben Leah.  Please contact me for more information.  

Giving thanks is the foundation of any healthy relationship. We read in Tehillim (16:5), “Hashem m’naht chelki v’chosi (Hashem is my allotted portion and my cup).” We each are privileged to ‘partner’ with Hashem, to carry a G-dly spark and play an irreplaceable role in the existence of this world. This is the genuine answer to all who might ache with the sense of unworthiness and low self-esteem. Hashem hand-picked each and every Jewish soul of the Jewish nation; each is assigned with a precise purpose that no one else can fulfill.

Let’s take the idea of Hashem’s love and go a bit deep into the precision of how important a role we each play in this world. Imagine an apple seed planted in the ground. An apple tree grows and grows and many apples then sprout forth. Each apple makes its way from the tree, to the barn to the truck to a collecting facility to a packing facility to a distributor and to the stores. Someone then goes to the store and chooses this specific apple vs. another apple and makes a bracha. Hashem directed that apple specifically to that person. The G-dly intention of that apple was for that person and that person alone, not anyone else. The bracha is a note of gratitude to Him for thinking of creating that apple.

The amazement we feel when contemplating the love and care that went into this one apple is mind boggling. All this – just for you… her… him … and me!

Tehillim 146:5

November 26, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s Daily Dose of Emuna is dedicated l’iluy nishmat Moshe Ben Esther a’h.  May his neshama bask in the Divine radiance of the Shechinah HaKedosha among all of the righteous who have departed from this world, Amen.

“Happy is the person whose help is in the G-d of Yaacov, whose trust is on HaShem, his G-d”  (Tehillim 146:5)

Imagine the feeling of joy, delight, and comfort of a small child who trusts in his parents for love, protection, and care. Hashem is our spiritual parent, and loves us without end. In fact, the Ba’al Shem Tov ztk”l said, “I wish that I could love my child as much as HaShem loves the greatest sinner in Israel.” Therefore, a person who sincerely trusts in Hashem also finds tranquility, security, and happiness.

When Yaacov went to Egypt to escape the famine, Hashem promised him, “I will be with you and I will protect you and I will bring you back.” In this light, the passuk says, “Happy is the person whose help is in the G-d of Yaacov.” That is, just as Yaacov had peace of mind because he knew that Hashem would watch over and help him, so too, whoever trusts in Hashem will be filled with happiness and calmness.

Hashem assures us with the same guarantee of protection that He promised to Yaacov Avinu. Hashem created the heavens, earth, and sea. Therefore, since He is the Master of all, He has the capability to protect a person in every location, no matter what.

You Belong in this World

November 24, 2014
Orit Esther Riter
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Today’s Daily Dose of Emuna is dedicated and sponsored l’iluy nishmat Yehuda Leib ben Mordechai a’h.  May his neshama bask in the Divine radiance among all the tsaddikim who have departed from this world, Amen.

Daily emails and shiur sponsorships are available for a nominal suggested donation.  

Divine providence goes beyond what happens directly to me. Hashem’s master-plan is not limited to what directly impacts me yet extends to all events that occur in my presence.  Whatever I witness through my ears, eyes, heart or even nose is meant for me to experience, grow and learn from.  Nothing is happenstance; nothing. Although it may appear that certain occurrences have little influence on my life, nonetheless they are closely ordained by Hashem to the last minute detail.

In fact as we take a closer look into this idea we can sense that our next breath depends entirely upon Hashem.  Our existence is because He wills it so. In that case, we each ‘belong’ in this world and play a great role in the universe.  This should energize and pump us with meaning and self-worth.

The idea is to look at Divine intervention and recognize that each one of us is important.  Hashem ‘longs’ for a relationship with us and wants us to have the best life has to offer.  What is the best? Hashem Himself is the best; a bond with the source of all life.

We wake up each morning and thank Hashem for re-creating us today.  We appreciate our own existence since we understand that life is a gift.  Just because we have lived until now, Hashem is not obligated to continue to give us life.  Every moment is a gift.

No need for paranoia.  Let’s just renew our mindset on how precious a gift we are being given daily, moment by moment, to live under the watchful eye of a caring and loving Hashem.

How Involved is Hashem?

November 19, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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I have some exciting news…

For the first time ever, I will be sharing my very personal story

about how I began seeing the world through the eyes of emuna.

The seeds had been planted in my youth,

but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago

that I made a conscious effort to develop my spiritual sensitivity.

Please join me on Tuesday, November 25 for a free LIVE webinar

where I will show you how to use emuna principles

to overcome any challenge thrown your way.


No matter where you live… now’s the opportunity for us

to interact live during this unique online workshop!

On Tuesday, you will discover how to:

  • Fully “feel” emuna and bridge the gap between intellectual emuna and heartfelt emuna
  • Embrace your inner godliness and live with a sense of true happiness and calm
  • Avoid bitterness and resentment by finding that there is a purpose in every difficult situation
  • Increase the quality of your life by living with acceptance and gratitude
  • Empower yourself to overcome challenges and elevate your spiritual vision


As an emuna mentor, I have made it my life’s mission to spread the word of how powerful living with emuna can be. It would be a privilege to have you join me LIVE on my first webinar to begin this journey towards heartfelt emuna.


Looking forward to joining you on Tuesday.

Warm Wishes,

Orit Esther

P.S. I would like to reach as many people as possible, so please pass on the good news to your family and friends!


Today’s Daily Dose of Emuna is dedicated to the refuah shleimah of the beautiful neshamot who were injured in yesterday’s horrific terror attack.  May we uplift this time of unity and bring merits to Klal Yisrael by praying for their complete recovery and safety of all Jews around the world, Amen.

Chaim Yechiel ben Malka

Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila

Eitan ben Sarah

Avraham Shmuel ben Shaina

Ari ben Bracha

Avraham ben Cherna

Ron ben Ruth

A very important principle in developing our emuna is to believe that Hashem knows all creatures down to the minute details. Another words it is essential to know that Hashem is ‘personally involved’ in everything that occurs in the cosmos and takes an ‘active part’ in all matters of the universe.  Understanding and recognizing that Hashem knows and governs everything is the basis for belief in Divine providence.

Thoughts such as, “Why would Hashem bother Himself with my ‘little’ problem?” refute the concept that Hashem is the Master Planner of existence.  This denial may not only come as a result of erroneous thinking but can stem from emotionally feeling rejected, G-d forbid, by Hashem.  The harsh realities of the times we live in unfortunately strike us with pain.  Some are led to question the presence of a loving and caring Hashem.

Yet we should continuously internalize the knowledge and live with the keen awareness that Divine providence is part and parcel of every Jewish soul.  The greater effort we extend into understanding how ‘involved’ Hashem is in our lives, the stronger our emuna will be.

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