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Hoda’ah and Hallel

December 14, 2015
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s daily dose of emuna is for the complete healing of Moshe ben Itta Leah. May Hashem grant him a clean bill of health and may he continue to enjoy years of health and happiness, Amen. 

The eighth day of Chanukah makes reference to the sefirah of Netzach (endurance).  Seven symbolizes this world; a finite world which is limited. Yet the number eight represents the next world; of limitless time and space. This day encompasses all of the past seven days of Hoda’ah and Hallel.

One of the reasons Hashem brings revealed miracles is to sharpen our awareness that He runs the biggest and smallest of events. The everyday hum-drum activities are also from Hashem and personally supervised by Him.  Often we forget and need reminders through open miracles that ‘wow’ us.   If we fail to recognize Hashem’s hand in every minute detail of life, how can we say Hoda’ah and Hallel?

Hoda’ah means to acknowledge; admit that everything is from Hashem and appreciate the ultimate good in it. Only after we clearly internalize this can we properly sing Hallel. Hallel originates from the soul as written in Tehillim, ‘Kol HaNeshama T’Hallel Ka’.  The soul sings a song of praise and glory to Hashem since it undoubtedly acknowledges that everything is guided by the Divine hand, whether it is seen by the open eye or not.

The one lesson we should take from Chanukah is to find every possible reason to admit, acknowledge and thank Hashem for what He does for us daily.   We should regularly find ourselves saying, “Thank You Hashem for…”

Self-Sacrifice, Part I

December 8, 2015
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated to ther refuah shleimah of Ginadi Chaim Notah Ben Raayah Rachel…. a gardener in Hebron, who yesterday was viciously stabbed by a Jihad terrorist in the heart, lungs, and stomach, as he was beautifying the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. He is fighting for his life right now. Please Hashem send Ginadi Chaim Notah ben Raayeh Rachel a complete healing among all of Klal Yisrael who are sick and suffering, b’karov, b’rachamim, Amen.



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I have received so many emails asking questions about the current situation and how to keep our emuna strong.  B’H we will address this and much more during the 45 minute teleconference, leaving room for Q & A at the end.

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Chanukah falls at the end of the month, a time where the moon decreases in size until it reaches its smallest towards the last day. Additionally, we light from left to right, adding a new candle to the left of the previous one lit.  Both demonstrate a time of increased darkness and judgment.

Much of Jewish history is filled with miracles and open Divine providence; what makes this festival different?  Chazal answer it is the backdrop on which the Chag occurs. Chanukah’s miracles are compared to rays of G-dly light shining at a time of remarkable darkness; much like the upcoming geula, b’karov, B’H. A candle is not cherished during the day; yet is most powerful when lit in darkness.  Chanukah brings incredible light and hope for the Jews particularly when there appears to be no hope in sight.

It was in the merit of the Maccabbi’s mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice) when they went to war against the Greeks that the Jewish people were saved.  The Greek exile caused the Jews to fall into a deep spiritual slumber; a time where the Jewish soul was fading away from consciousness. The Maccabbi’s foresaw the danger and went to battle under the most illogical circumstances.  The sum total of miracles experienced then and B’H soon to us will come in the merit of acts of self-sacrifice that we, the Jewish people do in order to stay loyal to the Holy Torah.

Often we must go against the flow of worldly thought in order to maintain our loyalty to Hashem.  Yet just as then the Maccabbi’s acted with bitachon in order to save the Jewish soul, so too must we do the same and B’H we too shall merit the incredible redemption, in the form of open miracles and Divine providence, Amen.

A Little Light

December 7, 2015
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated to the refuah shleimah of Chana bas Dina Frimit, a newborn baby, who is recovering from heart surgery. May Hashem send her a complete healing among all of Klal Yisrael who are sick and suffering, b’karov, b’rachamim, Amen.

The main avodah during the festival of Chanukah is to light a candle; to dispel the immense darkness with a flicker of light.  During the eight days of Chanukah a tremendous G-dly light pours onto this world through a small act done here below, whether one deserves it or not. In fact we see this through the spinning of the dreidel.  The dreidel needs to be twisted on top in order for the bottom to twirl around.  The flow of blessings during the next eight days is from Heaven to Earth initiated by a small act we do in this world.

The Ba’al Shem Tov HaKadosh ztk’l based his teachings on this particular concept; a little light removes a lot of darkness.  The Jewish people are not meant to battle with the darkness, but instead to strike a match of light thus dispersing the impact of negativity and confusion.

Practically speaking let’s take for example the state of sadness; symbolic of darkness.  Instead of fighting the gloom we need to inject light, also known as joy, into our current state.  That means turning on the music, going for a walk to enjoy nature’s scenery, doing a mitzvah which automatically fills the soul with light, dialing 1-800-ALMIGHTY picking up the ‘phone and speaking to Hashem’ or reading Tehillim, to name some suggestions.  We should not try to convince ourselves why we shouldn’t be sad rather light up our lives and disperse the glum.

When we light the Chanukah candles, a seemingly ‘small act’, we open the gateways for an incredible radiant light to shine forth.  The reason being the mitzvah of lighting the Chanukah candles professes our emuna in Hashem; a sign of Jewish hope and G-dly clarity, a trust in G-dly justice and the ultimate fulfillment of Hashem’s promises to the Jewish People.

Chanukah Segulot (powerful practices)

November 26, 2013
Orit Esther Riter
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  • It is good to read the following tehillim perakim in front of the menorah candles:

Begin by reciting the last passuk only in

perek (90צ  “v’hi noam….”

And then after the entire perek (91צא: repeat this 7x’s consecutively out loud + 1 time silently (total 8 x’s):

then continue with the perakim  (30) סז (67) ,לג (33) , ל (in the shape of the menorah), (133יט (19) , ק (100) , קלג

  • Recite the prayer of Ana b’koach
  • Look at the candles and absorb the kedusha of the Ohr Haganuz (the hidden light of creation).  You are buying emuna!
  • Use this time now to beseech Hashem
  • Ask Hashem to remove your fears and strengthen your emuna
  • According to the Chida ztk’l,  ask to see the good in others, to be gifted with a good eye: see the good in yourself, in others and in life’s difficulties, tests and tribulations
  • Ask for children who will float above in holiness.  They should be blessed with wisdom (oil) and good memory
  • HaRav m’Slonim ztk’l teaches that we should ask that our children go in the path of Torah until the coming of Mashiach and that they not be embarrassed to be ‘frum’.  They should be zoche’ to yirat shamayim and tzniyut.  Ask that we merit to greet them always with a ‘glowing’ smile and that we love each child the same with no favoring among them.
  • Fry donuts in lots of oil – according to the father of the Rambam HaKadosh, it is a praiseworthy practice that blesses us with bountiful sustenance all year long
  • Gaze at the candles and ask that Hashem erase any bad or difficult images and memories from our minds’ ‘hard drive’.  Ask that we should live with inner composure, yishuv ha’da’at.
  • Through the act of staring at the candle flames, we ask that we be gifted with the ability to see things clearly and see Hashem’s compassionate hand in all that occurs since we are glancing at a reflection of the Ohr Haganuz (the hidden light of creation).  This light enabled Adam HaRishon to see from one end of the world to the other and detect Hashem’s presence and Divine energy in everything.  So too, we ask that we see Hashem in every aspect of our lives.
  • Always try to light Chanukah candles in your home even if you will be going to someone else
  • Ask for Mashiach = משיח = מדליקים שמונה ימי חנוכה
  • Ask for a miracle – one you think is impossible in the zechut of your renewed emuna!


The Kedushas Levi says that each night of Chanuka is mesugal, an auspicious time for different things to daven for:

  • 1st night -not to be lonely or depressed
  • 2nd night- Shidduchim, Shalom Bayis, to find your marriage partner and marital peace
  • 3rd night- Good children, Happy children and healthy
    (Chasam Sofer ztk’l says when you cry in front of the candles you can be sure your tefilos are answered)
  • 4th night- 4 Imahos
    To be a healthy and wholesome woman/mother in the 4 walls of your home, of true essence
  • 5th night – Chamisha Chumshei Torah,  The Five books of Torah
    Daven that your husband should be a talmid chacham and your children. By the 5th night more of the menorah is lit up than not.  Pray for more light in your life, for clarity.
  • 6th night – Simcha
    You can have everything and still be sad, therefore pray for joy and happiness
  • 7th night – Happy and Peaceful Shabbos – zmiros ,Divrei Torah by your Seuda. Shabbos is the source of all bracha.
  • 8th nignt- mesugal, auspicious time to pray for barren women
    8 is above nature, powerful day to pray.

Kedushas Levi says if you are planning to start something new if you start it on Chanuka it will be blessed, B’H.

A freilichen chanuka

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