Shabbat is coming – Return to Gan Eden


Shabbat is coming – Return to Gan Eden

November 15, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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There are also many similarities between Erev Shabbat preparations and those we should focus on everyday in preparing for the World to Come:

• We work within a limited time frame & avoid wasting time,
• Constantly build, plan and prepare,
• Focus our activities and attention towards a future-oriented-goal

Shabbat enables our Divine soul to be freed from its exile to live in total connection to G-d. The Arizal teaches that on Shabbat we gain a sense of unity from receiving our additional soul. Though Adam HaRishon was driven out of Gan Eden, a part of his soul remained there. On Shabbat, G-d releases that part of his soul and gives it back to man. Thus, on Shabbat we are essentially given the opportunity to return to Gan Eden.

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