Seven Qualities


Seven Qualities

June 5, 2018
Orit Esther Riter

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We are all searching for menuchat hanefesh, an inner state of tranquility and composure; a reassuring sense that everything is all right.

Rabbeinu Bachya ztk’l author of the well-known sefer Chovot Halevavot writes in the Gate of Trust that in order for us to fully trust in someone else and live with such genuine trust that we are being taken care of, he would have to embrace all of the following seven qualities; otherwise  we would not be enable to be completely tranquil:

* That person must love us and have great compassion for us.

* That person must know everything there is to know about us and what we need.

* That person must be powerful enough to help us.

* That person must know how to help us; the correct and best way.

* That person must be present and available at all times.

* That person must have such power that nobody else can harm us unless they allow it.

* That person must be absolutely generous towards us and want only what is best for us.

Certainly, all of these qualities cannot be found in any human being. They are only found in Hashem. He loves us and has compassion for us. He is all-knowing of what we need.  He is all-powerful and knows just how to help.

Therefore He is the only one who can benefit us and will not cause us any harm.  He is always watching over us and there is never a time where His ‘watching eye’ is not hovering over us.  He is in complete control over the world  and therefore no one can cause us any harm.  Last but not least He is absolutely generous and wants only what is for our best.

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