Remember Whose You Are


Remember Whose You Are

May 20, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Emuna is conscious reaching and connecting to one’s deepest self; focused expansive perception – an appreciation of the limitless awesomeness of our Creator. Submission to G-d’s will is an act of self-expression that stems from knowing there is an authority, the authority, that knows better than me what’s good for me.

Oswald Chambers said in order to find peace, “Remember who you are and whose you are.” When we forget G-d, we wonder who is in charge of us and sees me. That trigger sets anxiety into our lives. If G-d does not love me then bad things will keep happening. 

Feel & Heal exercise:

Remember the Torah teachings that G-d is good; G-d is just and loves us to no end. Let a deep sigh of relief settle in and feel the anxiety begin to dissipate.

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