Relying Only in Hashem


Relying Only in Hashem

March 12, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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‘Let Go and Let G-d’ has become a famed axiom; however we are creatures of control. Therefore it is a great saying but often hard to implement. We get scared and anxious over what ‘nature’ doesn’t readily show as a logical means of solving our troubles. We automatically assume that if Hashem hasn’t placed reasonable means to solve our issues than it simply won’t happen… and then we panic. What to do?

Relax. Hashem has planned our lives to the ‘T’. Strive to reach the unreachable and talk to Hashem. Cry, plead and beseech His endless rachamim. Wherever Hashem creates a void we are meant to fill with His presence. It’s time to humble ourselves and say, “Hashem I really really need You. I can’t go on without You. If You don’t step into my life I will fall apart!”

When we say, “I can’t take it anymore” it is because we truly can’t. Why? Because we aren’t connecting to Hashem’s presence and therefore it is like trying to breathe when there’s not enough oxygen. We need Hashem’s intimate tangible involvement in our lives – we really really need it!

When we go beyond our natural tendencies and reach beyond our logic by relying only on Hashem, He will ‘so to speak’ do the same. Therefore ‘Let Go and Let G-d’ can only occur when aim high, connect above and invite Hashem in.

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