Rabbinical Haskamot (Approvals)


Rabbinical Haskamot (Approvals)

October 2, 2013
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Rav Mordechai Goldstein Shlit’a and Rabbi Yaakov Haber Shlit’a of RBS-A have given their blessing and Haskama to Orit Esther Riter of the Daily Dose of Emuna to give shiurim and teach Torah and Emuna.  


Blessing and Haskama
There is a consensus among the leading spiritual leaders of this generation that those souls that are alive today in these challenging times before Moshiach are all here on earth to correct and strengthen emuna. For that reason, the tests of faith that our people are experiencing around the world are so difficult. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev accordingly teaches that the lack of emuna is the main factor in the delay of the Geula. As such, spreading emuna is the key to terminating the long and painful exile of the Jewish People.

In light of the above, Mrs. Riter’s “Daily Dose of Emuna” as well as her new book “180 Degrees in 180 Days” – in addition to being healthy food for thought and practical spiritual guides – are endeavors that are so important for this generation. May she be blessed in her efforts and may she help hasten the day when all of living flesh calls Hashem’s name.
With the blessings of Torah and emuna,
Eliezer Raphoel (Lazer) Brody


Orit Esther Riter shines with the joy and clarity of the emunah that she teaches. I had the privilege of participating in an “Amen party” for a sick neighbor, led by Orit Esther. She transformed a room full of grieving and worried women into a room full of inspired, joyful, connected-to-Hashem-and-to-each other, exalted spirits. The highest compliment: Orit Esther is what she teaches. In that lies the secret of her power to transform her readers.
–Sara Yoheved Rigler
Author of Holy Woman


Though Jewish history has consisted of ‘countless’ Jews since its beginning, it has usually been individuals who have changed the course of Jewish history, or at least allowed it to continue on in spite of the many ‘forces’ that would do it in, God forbid. Sometimes it is national calamity that causes them to surface and leave their mark, sometimes it is personal misfortune, or even both. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Hashem Yisborach chooses such people because of their latent greatness and loyalty to Torah values.

After reading about Mrs. Riter’s personal journey, and seeing some of her work, it is clear that she is one of those special people of Jewish history. Emunah is the foundation of Torah, and essential for a close and ongoing relationship with Hashem. However, it is also essential for surviving the trials and tribulations of the “Birth Pangs of Moshiach” which we seem to be going through at this time.

May Hashem Yisborach grant her a long and health life, and may her influence only grow as she inspires more and more Jews to perform the ultimate Kiddush Hashem: Trust and Faith in God.
B’birchas HaTorah,
Pinchas Winston

Klal Yisrael has always had a collective emunah. While mighty empires living in the safety of their borders have perished, the stubborn survival of a handful of people, uprooted from its land and ruthlessly persecuted for more than two thousand years—expulsion, inquisition, pogroms, holocaust—is a testimony to its faith in the protection of Hashem.

The emunah of an individual in everyday life is not as well grounded. Stresses and sufferings are constant challenges to the conviction that Hashem is in control of everything that happens, and that His judgment is fair and His kindness infinite.

Orit Esther Riter provides us with valuable reinforcements of emunah. These readings can support us when we falter and save us from the confusion and even despair that adversity may cause. They are an enhancement of our daily declaration of Shema Yisrael, and should be read daily.
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD


Dear Mrs. Riter,
I was extremely enthused and excited to learn about your upcoming book based upon your daily doses of emunah. Through this publication, there is no doubt that you will reach a much broader readership and hundreds, if not thousands will be inspired by your meaningful and practical lessons for daily life.
We live in tumultuous times when families as well as individuals face many personal crises in their lives. As a kehila Rav I can surely say that the most important task for the rabbi is giving chizuk to individual congregants as they go through the vicissitudes of life. I was extremely impressed by your online shiurim as well as the ability for individuals to call in for chizuk when the need arises.

The gemara tells us that if we were to try to reduce the 613 mitzvos to its basic fundamentals and tenets, the singular most important aspect of Torah is emunah, uncompromising faith in Hashem, as Chababuk, the Navi says וצדיק ואמונתו יחיה. To the degree that we are able to absorb and imbibe emunah, we will be able to live with Simcha and strength on a daily basis. Your program, especially your forthcoming book is a necessity for all of us so that we can strengthen our emunah in Hashem through the practical advice and guidance that you offer.

I wish you much hatzlacha and I hope that you continue to inspire multitudes through your written and verbal communications in uplifting Klal Yisroel in our most challenging time.

With Torah blessings,
Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

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