Orit’s New Book – “Turnaround Your Emotions”


Orit’s New Book – “Turnaround Your Emotions”

April 4, 2018
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Sponsor Orit’s upcoming New Book

“Turnaround Your Emotions”  

The Pathway to Emotional Wellness

It is so exciting to be working once again with Mosaica Publishing to publish the upcoming book (Book image & name is a sample template for visual purposes and may change).

This book is a revolutionary approach to emotional health; filled with guided suggestions and practical ways and exercises to see your life in a different light. It is adorned with Torah insights and advice on how to balance your emotions and energy fields through Torah wisdom.

As a certified Emuna Energy Therapist I will share my personal amazing energy shifts and share the many ways you can better your mental, emotional & physical well being. 

So many have experienced the benefits of Jewish Energy Medicine sessions and feel their life has transitioned from a state of despondency to clarity & empowerment. 

Pain in the body will no longer be looked at in a single minded approach. This book offers a wider viewpoint of how mind, body and soul work together.

Our life magnetizes the people and events into our life based on how we think, feel, speak and act. Take a comprehensive look at your life and begin to see G-d’s light shining through every crevice of your being. Learn how our Creator speaks to us through our thoughts & body as well as the circumstances of our life!

Everything is from Hashem! This statement is nothing new to the Daily Dose of Emuna worldwide community. Yet as many of you write to me on a regular basis it is a difficult challenge to push the emuna button when hardships arise.  This book offers an in-depth approach to see where and why we experience the many blockages in life. 

This is why the forthcoming book is so essential.  Everyone needs this and I need your help to publish this book. Your sponsorship goes to the cost to produce, design, edit, print and distribute, so whatever you can contribute please do. 

As little as $5 – as much as a thousand dollars and you’ll get great rewards both material and spiritual because every dollar you give, it’s a mitzvah going toward Torah learning. For contributions of $180 or more we can send you a tax deductible receipt.

Thank you for your generous support. Please pass the word on! 

Book Sponsorship:

Make a dedication for a loved one in the upcoming book.

Here are some options:

$52  ~  Name recognition

$180 ~ Single line dedication

$540 ~ 1/4 page dedication

$1,080 ~ 1/2 page dedication

$1,800 ~ Full page dedication

For donation instructions please email oritriter@gmail.com




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