Oneness Into the Chaos


Oneness Into the Chaos

March 13, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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To understand the connection between emuna and well-being we must first internalize the idea that creation did not originate from eternal matter but is being constantly renewed, as it says in the brachot of Shema: “Uvtuvo mekadesh bechol yom tamid maaseh breishis (and in His goodness renews daily, perpetually the work of creation.”) Hashem is creating life each and every moment from now to the next and from the next to the next; out of nothingness!

Although we often relate to time as one long link and are not sensitized at this time to feel every moment anew, we can still feel this freshness by focusing on the idea that creation originated from emptiness. When we recognize purpose and order in all of life’s events, we inject truth (a.k.a. emuna, health, wholesomeness, relief) into a seemingly disorderly world. By virtue of doing so, Hashem’s presence becomes more evident and consequently our lives feel more purposeful and pleasurable.

The Jewish soul remains eternally bound to its Divine source and sees the world through pure ‘emuna eyes’. The neshama knows only the truth and understands that the nature of fragmentation in this world is to provide us with an opportunity to create and restore order from chaos.

As we strive to reach into the core being of our soul, we effectively expose the building blocks of creation and begin piecing them together each in their correct place and order. Emuna instills our lives with vigor and thus enables us to join together with Hashem and bring His Oneness into the chaos reigning within and around us.

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