No huffing and puffing


No huffing and puffing

June 10, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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Today’s Daily Dose of Emuna is sponsored for the refuah shleimah of Chayala Rifka bas Shoshana Gila Chana and Shoshana Gila Chana bas Hinda.  This involves a kidney transplant, the daughter Chayala Rifkva bas Shoshana Gila (currently on dialysis is the recipient), and her mother (Shoshana Gila Chana bas Hinda please also daven for her) is the donor. IY”H the transplant will take place on June 10, 2014. Beginning on June 8, 2014, we hope to say the sefer Tehillim as many times as possible.  A joint Tehillim read, each one reads one chapter and together we complete the Sefer Tehillim.   Please go to the link below:


Let’s continue where we left off yesterday. So, how do we stop deluding ourselves into believing that our efforts affect the outcome when it comes to our material pursuits? How do we remember that the results are all from Hashem?

The Ba’ala Emuna (person who lives with emuna) should strive to constantly implant emuna ideas in his heart every moment of the day. For instance, if she is on the way to purchasing an item, she could remind herself that “I know that the item has already been chosen for me by Hashem. No matter what I do or think it won’t make an iota of a difference!”  With this mindset, she is less likely to search extensively or overdo her hishtadlut.

However, our yetzer hara might convince us that it is sensible to look for furniture at more than one place. Hashem wants us to live in this world according to its natural ways. It takes emuna to remember that Hashem decides whether our purchase is a bargain and the state of our finances on Rosh Hashana.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu “Tzaddik Yivchahn (tests the righteous ones)”. The pathway to ascend the spiritual ladder is littered with emuna tests. Even if we pass the first emuna test and do not overdo our hishtadlut, Hashem might test us in another way. For instance, if we just completed a purchase for a new table and chair set, we may then visit a friend who has also purchased a luxurious table set. We may innocently ask, “How much did you pay?” and hear that it was , “2,000 shekels….” . What! That is, the same amount that I paid for lesser quality!

Realizing we overpaid and lost a considerable sum of money, we may find ourselves huffing and puffing, distraught over the fact that we failed to find the same bargain. But our real failure is not monetary – it is a failure to have sufficiently imparted emuna into our hearts. We should have stayed calm and accepting, realizing that it is all from Hashem! In actuality, there is no reason for us to become frustrated over ‘losses or feel ‘cheated’. This is what was meant to be. We could have searched and searched until my eyes turned pink it would not have made a difference if Hashem willed the results to be any other way!

However, we must also constantly remind ourselves that we are not angels. Rather, we are all a work in progress. Often we may forget this lesson, or remember it after already ‘failing’ our emuna challenge. However, the more often we strengthen our emuna muscles each day by reminding ourselves that Hashem is in control, the quicker we will ‘bounce back’ without feeling distressed over the situation. This process raises us higher on our path to emuna shleimah (complete and total trust in Hashem!).

Written by the daughter of one of our readers… how beautiful!

R efuah shlema

E in Od Milvado

F ulfill what Hashem says

U should daven when you are sick

A pples don’t make you better

H ashem does!

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