Living in Tune


Living in Tune

June 11, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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There is only one– Echad, Yichid u’Meyuchad, One, single and unique Creator – Who sustains our every living breath. Emuna is internalizing this knowledge in our hearts to the point where our emotions are calmed and equalized as a result.

Living life completely in tune with Hashem’s presence opens our eyes to the many joys in life that we may otherwise overlook. Emuna removes the masks of hardship and reveals a Loving G-d that is always with us.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Close your eyes and visualize how it feels to be ‘tucked in’ to a comfortable, warm bed after a long day. Imagine someone lovingly stroking your forehead as you drift off to sleep. Imagine falling asleep with a smile of contentment, knowing you are loved and all your needs are being completely taken care of by the Number One Caregiver.

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