Just mentioning His Name


Just mentioning His Name

February 26, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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The Yesod V’Shoresh HaAvoda writes that Hashem’s 4 letter name is the basis of all the other Names; all of the Names, spheres, worlds and chariots on every plane of existence; they are held, arranged and carried by It. When His name is merely mentioned  there is a shaking throughout the Heavens and Earth literally throughout the universe.

According to the Vilna Gaon ztk’l we should take precaution when we mention His awesome name since Hashem considers Himself hidden and is revealed through His creation. We must be fully conscious of the revelation of His presence as much as possible and therefore pay extra attention when mentioning His name.

Feel and heal exercise:

Pay attention, even if just once a day, to the fact that Hashem is with you, right now, right here just by you mentioning His name in a bracha you recite.

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