It’s Hot.. It’s Tammuz


It’s Hot.. It’s Tammuz

June 25, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Tammuz is the fourth of the summer months that begins with Nissan; the hottest month of the year.

The material world has its spiritual origin in the supreme worlds, hence the intense heat of the month of Tammuz is indicative of a spiritual state as well. It is written in Tehillim “For Hashem is a sun and a shield.” The name “L-rd” (Y-K-V-H symbolic to Hashem’s revealed compassion) is parallel to the sun and the name “G-d” (E-L-O-K-I-M symbolic for Hashem’s intervention through nature), is parallel to the shield – the closure of the sun, which protects us from its great heat.

The great heat of Tammuz derives from the strong illumination of Divine Presence in creation, expressed in the name “L-rd” (Y-K-V-H). Hashem shines His love more in this month than other months. During this month we should actually begin to appreciate the reason why Hashem filterizes His intense light and love so that we do not become ‘overheated’ by it.

The sun’s warmth can be the most pleasurable experience within measure; all things in life are appreciated when given through proper filters. Hashem loves us more than we can imagine or bear to contain.  However, this warm love needs to ‘drip drop’ into our lives in a way that we can appreciate, by working towards revealing our own warmth and G-dliness; thus enabling us to merge into the Oneness of Hashem’s intense love.

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