I can see…


I can see…

April 1, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Rav Yechezkel Levenstein ztk’l teaches:
“If this is the era of Mashiach, a lot of effort is required since a person must prepare himself in order to be worthy to merit those days. He must acquire awe and knowledge of Hashem, a taste of spirituality, a connection to good middot. Then he may receive what is to be handed out in the days of Mashiach. Our task is to make ourselves into a proper receptacle.”

Geula is an unfolding of events leading to the revelation of the presence of Hashem. Geula is related to the word “giluy” which means revelation. The Malbim ztk’l teaches when the redemption arrives we will all be in a state of “gila” (happiness) – a place of renewed happiness that we have never experienced before. This joy will come as a result of discovering that Hashem has always been in our lives and that His love is everlasting.

Feel and heal exercise:

Close your eyes and ‘see what life looks like with eyes closed’.  See what you would miss if you lived life with closed eyes. Now open them and appreciate your eyesight and the ability to see what was there even when your eyes were closed – it was always there, just hidden. So too it will be with the new vision of the redemption. 

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