Hishtadlut…push the train?


Hishtadlut…push the train?

January 8, 2014
Orit Esther Riter
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Let us see through a parable what it means when Chazal teach us that our hishtadlut, exerted effort in this world does not affect the outcome of the activity which we engage in.

Per example; a person wakes up late one morning and rushes to the train station to see the train waiting on the platform.  He is in such a hurry to get to work on time that he decides to help the train move faster by pushing it.  The effort required of him to arrive to work on time lies solely in him reaching the train station and waiting for his train to come.  Pushing the train would not serve to help nor was asked from him.  This is an example of exerting too much unnecessary effort in earning one’s parnassa.

When we involve ourselves in the everyday world; work and invest the universally ‘accepted’ amount of time at work, we rectify Adam HaRishon’s sin, elevate ourselves spiritually and implant holy sparks and Divine blessing in all of our material endeavors.

Remember:  we must take part in a certain degree of effort, since this is decreed by Hashem for us to do.  Our hishtadlut opens the pipeline for the bracha to pour forth.  However, it is crucial to recall the idea that no matter how much time, strength, intelligence or talent we put into our work or any activity for that matter, it is all in Hashem’s hands…. Always!

Please daven for Calev Avraham ben Elisheva Rut- MISSING BOY ALERT!

 Caleb Jacoby, Calev Avraham ben Elisheva Rut, 16, an 11th grader at the Maimonides School, has not been heard from since around 12:30 p.m. yesterday.
Caleb Jacoby left his home yesterday at about 12:30pm. No one has heard or received electronic communication from him since that time.
He is the son of Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.
Detectives from the Brookline, MA PD are actively engaged in searching for him. Police urge anybody with information about his whereabouts to contact them at 617-730-2222.
(YWN Headquarters – NYC)

– See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/209346/family-friends-search-for-missing-jewish-teen-caleb-jacoby.html#sthash.r8ohxGYD.dpuf

Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated to the refuah shleimah of Yaakov Yohonatan Levi ben Chaya, may he merit a complete recovery amongst all those in Klal Yisrael who are sick and suffering b’karov, b’rachamim, Amen!
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