Hidden Godliness


Hidden Godliness

February 26, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Every day it’s Purim outside the home; the world wears a mask particularly the yetzer hara. The evil inclination does not expose itself in its entirety before mankind and simply request that we sin. It ‘masks’ itself in mitzvot and then cunningly draws a person into sin.

Everything serves a purpose. As we pass others on the street and ‘happen’ to hear a few words of their conversation, know that those few words ‘caught’ by our ears are specifically intended for our ears to receive. The choice lies in how we respond to this experience – will we simply let it pass or attempt to extract meaning from it.

As we learned before, every Jew is in charge of redeeming their specific holy sparks thus participating in the rectification of creation. For instance when we experience love it is a ‘mask’, a shell hiding within it its true essence; love of Hashem. By ascending this and all emotions to their root source, essentially we redeem their holy essence and hasten the geula.

Purim is named after the concept of the lottery – happenchance. The world ‘sells’ us ‘chance’ day-in and day-out – results that are brought about through cause-and-effect. However the Jewish nation is taught to follow supernatural laws and look behind the façade the world is wearing. Hashem is ‘behind, in-front and within’ every happening- beyond rationality.

Inside every Jew there is a spark of G-dliness which requires constant uncovering to become revealed. B’H the groggers and noisemakers of Purim wake us up so that we discover our calling and seek to expose the hidden G-dliness in everything.

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