Heels of Redemption


Heels of Redemption

November 26, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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The Torah refers to the End of Days Ikveh d’Meshicha, the heels of the Mashiach. The AriZal points out that a heel is a seemingly unimportant part of the body that does not appear to contribute to our higher spiritual or intellectual faculties. The whole body steps on it and it steps on dirt. Nevertheless, the heel is essential since all of our body relies on it and stands on it.

Past generations laid down the groundwork for the upcoming redemption. Our generation is considered to represent the heel of the Mashiach. Our job is to complete the process of preparation for redemption, tying the last loose ends together in order to usher in the Mashiach, B’H.

Feel & heal exercise of the day ~

Think about your past family generations and how much they sacrificed to keep the Jewish tradition alive.  They laid the foundation on which you and I now firmly stand.  Take a moment to thank G-d for their vital part in the redemption process.

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