Great is Your faithfulness…


Great is Your faithfulness…

February 25, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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How wonderful it is that Hashem gives our souls back to us every morning although we have tainted it since the morning before. G-d keeps offering us chance after chance to repair the previous damage.

In Yaarot Dvash, R’ Yonatan Eibeshutz teaches that we learn how much our hearts must fill with gratitude to G-d when we thank Him every morning for compassionately returning our souls to us. Everyday there are a new set of decrees and yet we proclaim that we trust in G-d that the new decrees will be for the very best.

Feel and heal exercise:

Think about the idea that everyday we get a chance to renew our spirits mentally, emotionally and spiritually … what compassion G-d has for us in enabling a sense of renewal to enter into our lives every morning!

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