Genuine Transcendence


Genuine Transcendence

June 12, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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G-d’s Presence is not automatically clear. G-d deliberately puts in place hindrances and doubts, remaining hidden in order that we have free will to choose whether to search for Him or not. Yet, G-d is always there, communicating to us through the circumstances of our lives. Every person, event and issue are all opportunities to ‘see’ G-d. The events of our lives are Divine signposts, indicating His Presence and directing us to our next destination.

Emuna enables us to see more of the full picture, even if it is not right there in front of us. This emuna mindset enables us to live a calmer, emotionally balanced life as a result.
Feel & Heal exercise:

Find a crack on a wall. Try to make out the picture of an object from it. Contemplate how everything in life is about forming a complete picture from the fragments that are presented to us. Use this exercise to remind yourself of G-d’s loving Presence in times when you may not readily see or feel it.

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