Forging a Good Relationship


Forging a Good Relationship

December 10, 2018
Orit Esther Riter

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Hitbodedut is simply defined as personal secluded one-on-one prayer between us and our Creator. According to psychological principles, the best road to a great relationship is communication. Hitbodedut is essentially communication, but a special form of communication used to forge a relationship with our Creator. Hitbodedut is an opportunity to talk over with Hashem our feelings of appreciation, our regrets, goals and our wishes.

However, speaking to Hashem is more challenging that one might think! Rebbe Nachman ztk’l teaches that due to the power and significance of hitbodedut we will face many obstacles to overcome in order to find the time to speak to Hashem in this way.

Feel & heal exercise of the day:

What is one thing that is weighing down on you. Gently talk it out and let it go -> to Hashem and to that person.

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