Five Powers


Five Powers

March 13, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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The Vilna Gaon ztk’l teaches in his commentary on Berachot that man posseses five powers
1) pulling power – when the food reaches his throat to pull it into the body
2) power to hold – hold the food so that it does not exit immediately and leave us unsatiated
3) power to digest 
4) power to distribute – through which the body is nourished
5) power to reject – discard waste

Each one of these powers is contradictory yet they all work together in a coordinated fashion – for this we praise G-d’s wisdom for fashioning man so perfectly in the prayer Asher Yatzar.

Feel and heal exercise:

Let us contemplate the wonders of the body’s physical functioning at least once a day.

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