Everything is a process


Everything is a process

February 11, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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When a Jew leaves this world and fails to repair a transgression via teshuva or yissurim (difficulties, hardships and challenges of life), their sin weighs down the whole of the Klal (community). The Klal then have to rectify the damage caused by that sin. Hashem created this world so it ‘naturally’ continues to perfect itself until the ultimate perfection of Mashiach.

The world must experience ‘birth pangs’ before the coming of Mashiach in order to lessen the burden of these unrepaired sins of the Klal. The entire nation must be cleansed of transgressions before the geula. This process of rectification perfects Jewish souls and brings us closer to Mashiach.

Feel and heal exercise of the day:

Life is a process – everything happens in stages. Let’s appreciate the unfolding of redemption happening in due time at the right pace. However let’s always yearn for it to happen soon.

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