Desires, desires…


Desires, desires…

January 23, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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‘Ein k’Ahmcha Yisrael’ – Ahm Yisrael is holy. On the tip of most Jewish tongues, regardless of their Torah observance, or how difficult one’s situation is, the words ‘Baruch Hashem’ is found, words that profess gratitude and emuna. In this merit, Ahm Yisrael experiences bitachon and happiness and are able to cope with life’s challenges.

Emuna refers to trusting in Hashem’s ability to help and guide us through every circumstance; it does not mean that G-d will deliver what we desire. It is important to understand this well; emuna is belief in G-d’s intimate interaction in our lives however not that G-d will fulfill our wants.

Feel and heal exercise of the day:

Think to yourself “what might be a possible ‘G-dly’ reason for not ‘receiving’ one of my desires that I have been praying for.” Allow yourself to expand your vision on seeing how this may be a positive delay.

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