Deep Soulful Place


Deep Soulful Place

December 5, 2018
Orit Esther Riter

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Each time we pour our hearts to Hashem – through words of gratitude, teshuva or requests – we ignite our soul and we heal our souls. As we enter our hitbodedut a remarkable process begins to occur – our inner soul’s craving and desire to fulfill our true life’s mission surfaces and the darkness, confusion and gloom consequently fades. It enables us to access that deep, soulful place inside of us that knows what is truly right and best for us, and thus to align our ratzon; our will with His Will.

Feel & heal exercise of the day 

Contemplate -> how did you feel before you began to ‘talk to Hashem in your own words’ for a few moments and after? Did you feel lighter.. filled with more clarity and hope?

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