May 6, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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There are four important factors that stand at the core of healthy human development. We will name two today and the last two in the coming days.

•             A desire to feel valued and that our existence is significant and important

•             A need to feel purpose and that our life is full of rich meaning

With emuna we understand that life is a matrix; we are all connected and each of us holds a vital piece of the puzzle of life that remains empty if not properly set in place. Living a life of Torah and emuna promotes a life of loyalty (emuna = ne’emanut); each of us is dedicated to our collective mission in life and understands that each of us is dependent on the other on our journey to redemption. Each of us is irreplaceable in the scheme of Tikkun Olam. What one can do, none other can replace.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Gently close your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths and ask yourself “Which place in my body holds my indispensable task in this world?”  The first place that draws your attention to it is the answer. Now ask, “What is it?” The first answer that arises should clarify to you what it feels like to be connected to your purpose.

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