Coming out of the Darkness


Coming out of the Darkness

May 28, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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As our feelings come out of the dark and surface, we are here to explore and confront them, even befriend and welcome them with the intention to better ourselves.  Our faults are the raw material we have come to fix; they are the reason for existence to perfect the imperfect. To achieve complete wholeness we should accept, work through and let go of our many parts we attempt to push away. Fixing ourselves means fixing the world since we are a small world.

So too when a person observes the 365 prohibitions by refraining from what is forbidden, the spiritual sustenance that comes from carrying out the positive commandments is able to flow through the 365 channels of the divine soul to vitalize the 248 limbs. When a person fails to perform a particular mitzvah, the corresponding limb will lack its proper nourishment.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Contemplate the association between a physical pain you may be experiencing, had at one point or is in your family history and a spiritual weakness or imperfection. Many times, we can clearly see the connection.

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