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Shavuot Segulot

June 3, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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As told by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi shtichye’:

No getting angry on Shavuot!  The AriZal writes that whoever gets angry on Shavuot reduces his Torah for the whole year!!!  The wisdom he is supposed to get is reduced

Read tehillim on Shavuot before going to sleep and fall asleep while reading.  Wake yourself up and continue to read a bit more tehillim until you keep falling asleep. Then close the tehillim and go to sleep. It is as if you are still reading Tehillim while you are sleeping. Our tehillim is like 5 Chumshei Torah.

Decorate your home with greenery.  Place flowers on either side of your entrance doorpost to your home and recite the passuk from Tehillim 92:13 through the end 16, “Tzaddik k’tamar….” Have the intent that your children should be decorated with righteousness and grown straight in the Torah path.

Put a dish on honey on the dining table from the beginning of the Chag until the end.  The Torah is sweet as honey; may it be Hashem’s will that we have that sweetness always, Amen.

Say new Torah insights as much as possible during the evening and morning seudot.  It is a segula that the wellsprings of wisdom will be renewed for us the whole year.

Have your husband buy you perfume!  The most subtle wisdom comes down from Heaven – the very essence of feminine wisdom, says the Pele Yoetz ztk’l.  Each utterance that Hashem said when He brought Torah down into the world came with a fragrance.  Perfume has a special meaning, a femininity.

After the meal Shavuot evening the Heiliger Alshich ztk’l teaches give a giant prayer for coupling and closeness of heart.  Ask for your true love match and if you are already married for Shalom Bayit.  This is the night when Leah Imeinu goes out to meet Yaakov after giving the mandrakes dudayim to Rachel Imeinu.  From then on she becomes his married wife and Yaakov loves her immensely.  That night she conceives Yissachar.  Wisdom and Torah are only possible when a great strong bond connects husband and wife!

In the morning Mother’s should go over to her children and cover their heads with a small towel or blanket and bless them while they are sleeping the Birkat HaCohanim, the Priestly Blessing.  Just as Hashem covered all of Ahm Yisrael’s head with a cloud in the morning at the time the Torah was given (the Rokeach).

When the Aseret Hadibrot are read in shul it is as though we are personally receiving them once again.  Healing comes down to the world and so it is the time to ask for a refuah shleimah for all.

In the afternoon, daven for all of Ahm Yisrael who has gone astray from the Torah path.  On Shavuot afternoon, Batya Pharoah’s daughter reaches out and saves Moshe Rabbeinu from the Nile moments before he was going to drown.  Since then, at that time, it’s possible to pull out the great terrible metaphoric Nile from those children or relatives who have gone far, far away, r”l.


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