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Devorah Benarroch with Orit Esther Riter

May 22, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Dear Friends,

I am super excited to introduce my Mentor, Teacher, and Friend Mrs. Orit Esther Riter. She is a dynamic Speaker and Educator who has undergone a major personal transformation in her life. Going from a secular life to one that is spiritually rich, Orit has cracked the code on how to use one’s Emuna to transform ANY of life’s WORST adversities into stepping stones for personal growth!!

Orit has reprogrammed her outlook on life in order to achieve the life she always dreamed of having but wasn’t sure how to attain.

Through her own personal and spiritual growth in Torah, Orit discovered the method that SHE now uses every day to enhance self-growth and strengthen her mental and physical well-being while continuing to face life’s ongoing challenges.

One of Orit’s goals is to share her “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with everyone! Orit believes that any person can transform their entire life, no matter how challenging their circumstances may be, and no matter where they are spiritually. Orit has learned this firsthand by doing it and living it!

Orit has gone through many of life’s most difficult tests being a child of divorce, having suffered emotional traumas, overcoming business and personal bankruptcy, being diagnosed with MS and relocating her family to Israel to name a few. She has been confronted with uncertainty time and time again, but with the Emuna toolkit Orit incorporated into her life, she continues to land on her own two feet. Orit can’t hold back any longer and feels that she must share her powerful “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with YOU!!

Orit Esther Riter is available to speak at your next conference, convention, school, community, organization or special event. Empower yourself and learn the methods Orit has discovered to take control of your life, and achieve the peace and harmony that awaits you…

Orit’s bio and achievements are on her website

Orit offers:
Inspirational speaking topics that may include:

“Emuna Transformation Toolkit” – Triple E Formula – Emuna, Emotions & Energy

“Turning Emuna into Action” – Where everything begins

“Forget Regret, learn to Apologize & Forgive” – Detox with Emuna

“Experience your Emotions through the Weekly Torah Portion & Holidays”

Other opportunities:

  • Challah Baking – For 40 ladies or more, turn this Mitzvah into a transformational experience
  • Tefilla trip to Kevarim/Holy Burial Sites – A powerful experience to connect with our Ancestors and Holy Sages (many people have done this L’iluy nishmat, in memory of a loved one or Refuah Shleimah, healing for someone in need)
  • Guest Host for Shabbaton
  • Private Torah Therapy & Energy Session – Orit offers one-on-one Torah Therapy a comprehensive therapy that addresses mind, body & soul as one unit. It includes but is not limited to Guided imagery exercises, energy medicine, analysis based on body ailments, color therapy, and deep soul talk.

Please note, Orit will be in the US from August 3-16, otherwise, she can work international travel into her schedule.

You may contact me or Orit through her website. To invite Orit to your community please contact Devorah at

Many Blessings,
Devorah Benarroch


The Chesed Fund

October 20, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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“Tzedakah is more than giving money ~ When done properly it shows empathy and compassion toward the person or cause you give to.”

Thousands worldwide have experienced what the Daily Dose of Emuna has done ~ 
Torah learning, care and emotional personal support, chesed support & activities and kiruv to name a few.  

With Hashem’s guidance the Daily Dose of Emuna began it’s Emuna teaching 6 years ago,  a year after my family and I made Aliyah.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006 while pregnant with my last child.   I am a trained chef by profession and could no longer work due to the physical pain.   Our home went into foreclosure and savings gone towards everyday living expenses. We made Aliyah with the last bit of money we had.

At first I tried to work but couldn’t physically with my ongoing MS relapses.   My husband does the catering now and learns. We go more into debt everyday.

I asked myself where does Hashem want me to go with this? I knew Hashem wanted me to grow in other ways and began to learn and write Emuna posts.  Before I knew it thousands of women were signing up and still do ’til today.  We were always the givers,  now we are the receivers.  This too is a great lesson in growth and avodah. I get calls and requests for emotional, spiritual and financial support everyday.

B’H I have the privilege to teach emuna, author Emuna emails and latest book ‘Turnaround – 180 degrees in 180 days’ and personally mentor everyday.   With your help the important work will continue.

Your donations are very much needed and truly appreciated.

Donations of $5, $10, $20 or anything is vital for the Daily Dose of Emuna to keep doing its work.

Every bit helps. Tizku l’mitzvot. Thank you. 


Click here to Donate


Be a Chasid!

November 4, 2014
Orit Esther Riter

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Rachel Imeinu ztk’l certainly portrays the trait of mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice).  Her unconditional willingness to do anything for the sake of alleviating her sisters pain and embarrassment is unparalleled.

Being that we are descendants of such righteous Matriarchs and Patriarchs we have it in us to do the same.  However, life is not about scoring it ‘high’ on the kindness chart.  It is about loving to and being enthused by the idea of doing chesed with others.  The emphasis is on how our heart responds when involved with acts of kindness.  We earn the title chasid by elevating our love of performing acts of chesed.

How do we do it?  Train the mind and body. Pledge to do one, two, three acts of kindness everyday. Search, seek and beg for it.  That measure of self-sacrifice will already instill within the unshakable need to be kind and immeasurable pleasure when having found it.  Mankind has a natural tendency to act with self-preservation, “Will I have enough?” “Am I cheating myself when I give to another?”  Therefore we need to enter ‘Chesed boot camp’ and break away from our anxiety that we are depriving ourselves when we give to others.

Let us remember an important point when working on any of our middot (character traits).  When we go beyond our nature, we bond closer to what is above, Hashem. Hashem ‘resides’ so to speak in our attributes. Thus when we emulate ‘G-dly traits’ we draw closer to Him.  The condition: do so unconditionally.  Be kind to others not because ‘they deserve it’ or you ‘feel for them’.  Be compassionate, kind and helpful beyond what you think or feel.  Do it just because you are a G-dly individual and want to reach high spiritual levels of giving and attach yourself to Hashem through it.

In the merit of Rachel Imeinu’s act of care and love for her sister, she was able to ‘convince’ Hashem to save the Jewish people when they went into exile.  She merited such closeness because her essence was one of unconditional compassion and love.

It’s Never Too Early to Teach Your Children Emunah!

March 6, 2014
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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What happens when we point out the beauty of Hashem’s world to our children? They learn to notice, to appreciate, and to connect to the One Who created it!

The Hidden Artist is a breathtaking new picture book from Hachai Publishing, all about the wonder, the variety, and the loveliness Hashem created just for us! Illustrated by an artist known for her lifelike paintings, The Hidden Artist depicts amazingly detailed animals, fish, mountains, sea and sky. Truly inspired rhymes tell the story of a young child who wonders, ‘With all this beauty, great and small, ‘I wonder, Who’s behind it all?’

His journey to discover the answer makes this book a must have for every Jewish home!

Click here to buy it online


About the Author

A social worker by profession, Leah Chana Rubabshi began writing educational songs for children in the 1980’s. After receiving her MSW, she continued writing poems and articles, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines. She has now combined her love of children with her love of poetry, and hopes to continue writing children’s books.

About the artist:
Phyllis Saroff received her BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983. She works from Annapolis, Maryland as a freelance illustrator specializing in natural science and children s illustrations. Her work has appeared in books and magazines, and her paintings of wildlife are used in outdoor displays in wildlife management areas across the country.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Beautiful useful book for introducing the wonders of creation to preschoolers!

By write4me on March 2, 2014

This book is a wonderful way to teach children that the world has a Creator. The rhymes are cleverly written, and the illustrations are stunning, authentic reflections of the beauty that exists in our world. When the child in the story draws his own picture, it becomes obviously apparent that an Artist must have created the natural “pictures” that surround us. The message of this book is not limited to young children, and I felt older children would enjoy it as well. While it says the book is geared towards children ages 2-5, I felt the rhymes were delightful and would be enjoyed by older children up to age 8. Highly recommend!


By Lynn Glaser on March 3, 2014

As an Early Childhood Specialist, I am greatly impressed with the contents of this book, and highly recommend it for lower and middle grade children. It’s message is impressive and very worth thinking about and discussing.


Amazing Spiritual Uman Experience

January 27, 2014
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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If you ever wanted to go to Uman… now is the time! 

Change of dates… same amazing experience:

May 22nd until May 27th


June 12th – June 17th

Tentative Itinerary is as follows:

Women from the US would leave Wednesday evening and arrive in Uman Thursday afternoon. Women from Israel leave Thursday afternoon.  From there we take a private coach bus to Uman, where we spend an amazing uplifting Shabbat interwoven with hafrashat challah, a trip to the spectacular Gan Sofia and healing workshops.  We leave early Sunday morning and travel to the kever of Rebbe Nathan​.  We arrive in Mezibuch at the Holy Ba’al Shem Tov on Sunday evening and lodge there overnight.  On Monday we make a stop at the original mikveh of the Ba’al Shem Tov and at a replica of his Beit Midrash. In the early evening we head to R’ Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev.  We stay there overnight and head towards the airport in the wee-wee hours. Planes back to NY and Israel fly back mid morning on Tuesday.
Price includes airfare and all accommodations: airfare, food, lodging and bus transportation.
Approximate price for women leaving from Israel:  $1,150      $1,050
Approximate price for women leaving from USA:  $1,500        $1,350
Please let me know asap, space is limited and we would like to secure a final price.  You can write me at with questions and to reserve a spot.
Looking forward to learning and teaching emuna with you all!
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