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January 17, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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R’ Chaim Malinowitz Shlit’a, Rav of Beis Tefillah in RBS-A has looked into the energy work R’ Orit practices and stated there is no issur involved and no avodah zara and mutar to practice this type of energy therapy.

“Orit Esther has proven to be a huge asset for me.  Where other doctors failed to completely diagnose, she went to the core of the problem, and dealt with it in a fascinating, and non-intrusive fashion.  Highly professional, and uniquely gifted, Orit Esther has many years of experience helping folks like me around the world, and she was able to call upon that experience in order to help me.  She effectively rid me of my addiction to smoking, and relieved my pain without the use of common drugs, etc.  Besides the medical side, she has also proven to be an inspirational person, and a good friend too.  I highly recommend her.”  (Anonymous LM) 

Hi Ladies
I just wanted to share my experience- I’ve had a few sessions of energy therapy with Orit and it’s been wonderful. She has given me clarity, direction and a sense of peace. She has been a healing shaliach. If any of you were considering a session with her I highly highly recommend  it! It’s been fascinating and enlightening
Thank you Orit! ❤

“… I wanted to let you know that you speaking to me for 40 minutes was more helpful than a year of therapy I’ve been going to, at least that’s what it feels like. It’s such a relief to have a Torah perspective on all this. I’m not saying therapy hasn’t been helpful but there’s just too much talk and analyzing and not enough getting to the root of the situation and I feel that you are really helping me get there. Thanks again.” SF from Israel

I am someone has done one on one sessions for quite a long time over the course of a few years for myself and for different family members. I would just like to say that Orit Esther has been a wonderful shaliach who has brought much positive change and incredible outcomes to the situations I brought to her. Her intuitiveness is so keen, her knowledge so sharp, and most of all, her advice spot on.  I am thrilled with the results time and again, and highly recommend her Emuna Energy sessions to anyone and everyone who feels they are stuck in/with a situation physically or emotionally…you can PM me for more details if you’d like to inquire further. DW from Woodmere, NY

Hi Orit,
I just wanted to give you an update
My son was with us throughout the entire holiday even though he wasn’t planning on it, but because the feelings were so positive and pleasant he decided to stay. We really came to appreciate one another and to communicate openly and lovingly with lots of past out of the way. Truly amazing! We said good bye last night with tears of joy and blessings.
And I am so appreciative of your help in shifting a lot of unpleasant feelings between us as well as help with having him heal from a lot of baggage with Yiddish-kite. He can really appreciate the good that he experiences now and not have to throw the “baby out with the bathwater”. B”H a million times, it is definitely a step in the right direction.
I have faith in him for the first time in years. I bless you that you should have so much siyata d’shmaya in your work with others and increasing emuna in the world. With warmth and sincerity, SC from Yerushalayim

Orit Esther has been a true shaliach who has helped make a massive shift in a direction of true healing in my life. A few months ago I was stuck and feeling so hopeless about my health, and in a relatively short amount of time, a lot of change happened. Orit Esther did energy healing on me and I strongly believe she helped release a koach of true refuah that gave me the strength to take some simple yet life changing steps in my life that have helped me heal from many years of depression. I never thought I’d be one of those “miracle stories” but here I am. Feel free to contact me for any more questions.

Hi Orit,
I just wanted to let you know it’s been about 2-3 weeks I’m really feeling a difference in myself B’H and it feels great!For the first time in about 2 years I feel like I’m myself again…I have the energy to do the things I used to enjoy doing in addition to just feeling better and more happy with myself. It took about a month after the sessions, but I really feel the shift. Thank you!
RN ​, Beverly Hills, CA

… You cleared my energy lines.  I feel a clear flow of energy from beneath my feet to above my head.  There is a clarity that our work together gave me in knowing who I am.  Truly a gift….

After suffering with chronic pain from multiple medical problems, it got to the point where I felt completely helpless, like I would never get better. After Orit Esther did the first treatment, I immediately felt a difference. I had less pain! And after the 2nd treatment, I felt like a new person. I had energy and felt like I was walking on air! I was light as a feather, as if a huge weight that was weighing down on me had been lifted. Orit gave me insight into the emotions that were impacting on me, adversely affecting my health. Now, for the first time, I have direction and feel that I have the ability to reclaim my life, with hope that I will feel better. Thank you Orit Esther!

Orit has transformed my life physically and spiritually and psychologically. I’m able to handle my life with patience and calmness. I have more energy and I am more productive. Orit also played a major role in helping my son find his Zivug. She does everything with care and kindness. Thank you Orit! KB from NJ

Emuna energy therapy has worked amazingly well for me and my family. It boggles my mind every time I think about where we were a yr ago compared to where we are now. The physical as well as the spiritual changes are drastic and life altering. Yes, there is homework, yes having support from another person while going through the process is important, yes it’s a commitment, but Holy moly it’s really really worth it!! Thank you Hashem for picking a qualified, sensitive, compassionate, loving, strong woman to be our personal shaliach. May everyone she comes in contact with, benefit from this holy gift as much or even more than we have! ​ R.N. from Woodmere, NY​

I just wanted to share a testimony of my experience working with Rebbetzin Esther. Her sessions have been extremely helpful to myself and my family, and i am very very grateful that Hashem led me to her. All that hitbodedut I’ve been doing is paying off! I see a tremendous improvement in my husband. I am starting to notice changes in my children- with confidence and well being. Reb Orit is always a click away and she responds quickly and efficiently. As a health and wellness practitioner myself I am impressed with her level of knowledge and understanding. I ask her questions at nauseum and she never turns me away. She has gone above and beyond my expectations…and that is very hard to do. When she start s teaching classes on her methods, I’m first in line!

It was a true joy having the experience of Rebbetzin Orit as my therapist. I have created such a great bond with her where she made me feel safe and she has tremendously helped me onto a better path in life. She even checks up on you throughout the week to see how you are feeling. I without a doubt recommend her to everyone that is in need of help ~ R. from Queens

Personally my family has benefited greatly from seeing R’ Orit. Through her powerful energy work and color therapy she was able to strengthen my entire family in many different areas. Such as bed wetting, coping better, getting rid of anger, improving self esteem, removing fears, negativity, and jealousy. While providing major energy boosts, and providing very very quick results. I highly highly recommend her ~ F. from RBS-A

Shalom, Baruch HaShem, my husband had started, it is unbelievable. I thought I would never see him smile, he controls his anger and he seems much more calmer. It’s a real miracle. Thank you, Thank you, may Hashem continue giving you the zchus to share your talent.​

B’H I feel a huge shift. Kind of like a detachment from all the negativity I felt from my friendship.
My friend actually called me yesterday- the first time in weeks – with complaints and ridiculous accusations and I just let it roll off… ​ You helped my hugely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ​~ L. from Toronto

​I am so grateful to have benefited from a healing session with R’ Orit. I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I now have more clarity and energy and strength and feel healing happening B’H! R’ Orit is B’H a emesdik shaliach. I highly recommend a consultation and am so grateful for her involvement, koach, help and results I see and feel.

Thanks so much.  *** mentioned​ last night that her ex told her that there was something different about her 🙂 She wasn’t getting angry at him like before. Thank you for everything ~ M. from Toronto

… ​ But for starters *** is doing fabulously!! Has called 3 times to just say how good he is feeling!!!(which is unusual for him! He’s not so great with being in touch & certainly not to just tell me he’s feeling good!!!!) ​~  N. from Lakewood

“Torah therapy with Orit is a blessing from heaven brought down to Earth. I reccommend it for anyone seeking a better, more meaningful life.”

Good morning Orit!
After listening to your voice note it took me some time to ingest all that has been said ​…​ ​ after years of building brick after brick in my heart I can finally say that you broke that wall!!! ​… ​ So yes I admit that you are definitely right about ​… ​
As I was listening to your voice messages I had a feeling of warm energy going through my entire body. ​.. It’s truly a turn around and may these feeling ​s​ of ​closeness ​ stay with me. ​.. ZC from NY

Hi Rebbetzin Orit. I just wanted to thank you tremendously for helping change my life. I remeber we started our energy sessions some time this time last year and im thinking about how so much had changed and my life and thoughts are so much more positive than they use to be a year ago. If it wasnt for you I would probably still be in a negative and depressive state of mind. Thank you so much for helping me!!! Oct 30, 2017

My testimonial: to know what Emet is it’s Orit and her therapy. Everything she has mentioned and anticipated has been right on! The honest truth is, one did not get all these energy deficiencies in one day and you have to be patient. For my relative it took a few sessions to kick in but when I first saw that small change it was like moshiach is here!! Sometimes things are deeper than speaking with therapist and such, consciously you may think everything is on point but there is so much beneath it. And that is where Orit helped us the most! We talked out all our problems and understand them but the underlying layers needed to be cleared and balanced for us to live the most optimal life! Hashem should bless Orit and I can’t wait to see the continued success between her and my family! Thank you hashem!

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