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The Secrets of the Challah

August 8, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Learn step by step instruction on how to make a challah.



The Mitzvah of Separating the Challah (Hafrashat Challah)

October 21, 2013
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Challah is more than beautifully shaped loaves baked for Shabbat that permeate our home with an aroma of Gan Eden. We mix more than flour, water, oil, salt and sugar to make Heavenly dough.  Tears of joy and words of prayer are kneaded along with the ingredients to enrich the dough taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.  The Chassidic masters explain that it is not only the physical bread that keeps us alive but the spiritual energies invested in the bread that nourish our soul!

Why Challah? When was this special mitzvah introduced to the Jewish nation?  How does it express the belief that all of our sustenance truly comes to us through G-d’s hand?  What does it matter what I say when I add in the ingredients?  These questions and so many more are properly addressed and clearly explained during the special Hafrashat Challah events led by Orit Esther Riter.
The woman, so influential in shaping the values and attitudes of her family, brings blessings upon her home through this mitzvah and instills faith in G-d within those around her. 
Come and learn with Orit Esther Riter ~ Emuna Mentor, Speaker and Author of the Daily Dose of Emuna and popular book ‘Turn Around’.  Orit in her passionate enthusiasm and unique ability to infuse each word with love, will inspire all women in attendance to see the mitzvah of separating the challah in a different light.
An event filled with laughter, joy and meaning will leave its marks not only in the kitchen, but in everyone’s hearts.
Contact us to schedule a special Hafrashat Challah event with Orit!

Stay tuned for part 3

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