The Best Tour Guide


The Best Tour Guide

January 30, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Do you know where life is taking you? Do you like the things that life is showing you? The answer to question one is probably no. The answer to question two is all dependent on whether you are aware of your purpose in life.

The answer to question two is no if you want your life to be as you want it to be. The answer to question two is no if you aren’t in touch with your inner point of greatness and infinite potential. The answer to question two is no if you are confused over why you are here and don’t know what your life is all about. Question one can remain no yet still have no effect on whether you live a happy fulfilled life; as long as you know that there is ‘Someone’ who does know where you are heading.

We each travel on individual spiritual paths tailor planned for us to reach our eternal destination, B’H after 120. Hashem has a very meticulous plan outlining every route, alleyway, and footpath we are meant to stride on. When we decide to focus our mind, heart and eyes on Hashem’s road realizing that there is no better track for us to walk on, we will be able to say yes to question two.

We don’t need to know what is ahead, only that we have the ‘best tour guide’ in the world who is taking us to the places we need to ‘visit.’ Let us stay focused on Who is leading us and continuously talk with Him along the way. This will keep us feeling calm, safe and assured that He is shepherding us to our journey’s end.

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