Believe it: Hashem loves you!


Believe it: Hashem loves you!

May 29, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Most people don’t believe that Hashem loves or even likes them. How is it that we don’t see the beauty, love and care gifted to us by Hashem? Unfortunately human nature is such that recognition of Hashem’s compassion and attentive care comes when difficulty arises. Suddenly that place of goodness shifts to a place of pain. The fact that we distinguish between the two states demonstrates that hardships are out of the ‘ordinary’ agenda of life.

We must strive to cherish ourselves as much as Hashem treasures us. For some reason we do not feel worthy of Hashem’s love and blessings. When we daven we do not actually expect Hashem to fulfill our wishes. Our tefillot are intermingled with doubts of whether we merit the yeshua (salvation).

Therefore the next time we daven it should be with a firm stance that the Borei Olam loves and listens to every tefilla even if it seems otherwise. Hashem fulfills our wishes as He determines best in line with His infinite wisdom and His plan for creation. However, He directs and guides every facet, down to the microscopic detail with tender compassion and infinite love. He sees the bigger picture; past, present and future and knows what yields the most favorite results for us.

If we do not love ourselves, how can we feel love of our Creator or anyone else for that matter? If we do not cherish and value our lives we as though insult Hashem by proclaiming that He as if made a mistake when He created us. Think about it and let the change begin within.

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