Before we begin…


Before we begin…

March 4, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Before we begin our Amidah we say “Hashem, open my lips…” Our intent is that we stand before our G-d with our desire to come close and attach ourselves to His presence. However, we recognize our limitations and know that whatever we do is a partnership between us.

We form our will, ideas and even the feelings out of what Hashem has already given us; essentially we take the raw potential and shape it into prayer energy (or any energy for that matter).

The highest form we can shape is called praise. How do we glorify Him? We take what Hashem gives us and become a living manifestation of His essence.

Feel and heal exercise:

Concentrate on the exalted idea of praising Hashem through your own will, thoughts, speech, feelings and action and how you can implement any of that in your daily life.

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