A Different Channel


A Different Channel

December 4, 2018
Orit Esther Riter

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A question arises – how does hitbodedut differ in any significant way from our prescribed Tefillot of the siddur? The heavenly prosecutors blocking the ascension of our prayers know the spiritual channels through which our prescribed Tefillot rise.

In contrast, each time we do hitbodedut we create a different channel unknown to the prosecutors. Unlike prescribed prayers with which the prosecutors are familiar, prayer via hitbodedut is fresh at each moment uttered. It represents a heartfelt, soulful yearning full of deep ratzon that is pure and unique to each individual person. The prosecutors have no template for such an inimitable form of prayer and are taken by surprise.

Feel & heal exercise of the day 

Be spontaneous with you personal prayer today and whatever words come out, let them flow freely and openly.


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