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Your Life’s Mission

June 4, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Our souls did not want to part from G-d and descend into this world of Asiya, action. Rather, they were content to bask in the boundless Heavenly light. However, G-d instructed they must go down to become greater than they currently were in the higher realms.

The Midrash describes the intimate conversation between G-d and the soul, and tells of the soul’s disappointment in having to go down to this world and disconnect from her source of vitality. In response to the soul’s imploring G-d for an opportunity to become one with His light again, G-d granted her the ability to reveal His infinite light in all of creation.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Think about your unique mission in this world. Check where your resistance is and strive to take one further step to embrace it.

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