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May 14, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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One of the last Egyptian plagues was darkness. Darkness represents sadness and despair. Darkness is a state of disconnect, of being unable to see, feel and relate to an integral part of the bigger picture. The Gemara2 brings down that all negativity begins in a space of emptiness and separation, of not feeling complete, within both our People, and ourselves, in our role, and by extension with others. Being unable to see our true role in life may challenge our self-confidence. The current exile is ‘plagued’ by this self-doubt and confusion. 

In contrast, leaving Pharaoh and Egypt represents shedding away the darkness and confusion, of reaching an inner point of light and completion.

Feel & Heal exercise:

In practice, how can we overcome this confusion and lack of confidence in our role? Start today by doing one thing you are certain is the right thing to do and begin to remove the layers of doubt in your life

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